Our team is not just employees who duly perform their tasks. These are people who put their heart and soul into the project. Only the coordinated work of all team members leads to a supreme result. ‘Krauss Kinnisvara’ focuses on quality in its homes. This applies not only to the quality of construction, but also to the characteristics of the environment. That’s what our company’s slogan «Good Homes for Good People» means.

kinnisvara OÜ

The company is based on local capital, has been successfully operating since 2008 in the field of real estate development and construction in the Baltic States.

Ao 2 , 10100 Tallinn
Tel: 56 85 58 14

The history of Krauss goes back to the distant 1926, when the Austrian architect Werner Krauss founded the architectural bureau Krauss Eigenschaft. We continued his initiatives and since 2008 we have been creating houses and residential complexes in Estonia and Latvia. This is how the Krauss Kinnisvara company was born.

In recent years, we focused on the construction of townhouses, which found a wide response among our buyers. Our houses are thought out to the smallest detail and are created for a comfortable life. All the houses built by us belong to energy-saving class A.



Overall management and coordination
Started his career when he was studying civil engineering at Tallinn Technical University. He is the one who solves every organizational and strategic issue of utmost importance in the company: goal setting, project analysis and land selection, investment and recruitment. In his spare time, Alexander does sports such as triathlon, ironman, paragliding, which he considers a kind of meditation.


Creating an idea and concept
Mark graduated from Tallinn Higher Technical School and the Estonian Academy of Arts. He also studied at Austrian and Finnish universities. Mark has experience working in leading architectural bureaus in Estonia, as a city architect and a municipal architect in Saaremaa. Mark has received awards in the field of architecture both in Estonia and abroad. Mark is an artist at heart, a perfectionist by nature. At Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for elaborating the concepts of development projects.


Development Management
Alexander graduated from TalTech University with his Master’s degree in 2010. He started his career as a project manager for the development of energy facilities, then continued in project management at the KOKO Architectural Bureau. In his work, Alexander values consistency, order and organization. At Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for the development of the company projects. Colleagues appreciate Alexander for his responsibility and responsiveness.


Project Management
Mikhail has been working in the construction industry since 2010. He improved his skills in such companies as Luxidor Baltic, Hades Geodeesia, Nordlin Ehitus. At Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for planning, coordinating project activities, and communicating with various parties. Colleagues appreciate Mikhail for his excellent organizational skills, punctuality and sense of humour.